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Rivet is a variation of the childhood game, HangMan. This game introduces vocabulary terms and encourages better spelling.

The game is very simple. The teacher draws a blank line for each letter of a vocabulary word. The teacher then slowly fills in the blanks, one letter at a time, until a student guesses the word. This student is then asked to come to the chalkboard and complete spelling the word.

A variation of this game adds features of the "Wheel of Fortune" television show. Here, the class is divided into teams, each taking turns calling out a letter. The teacher fills in all of the blanks corresponding to this letter. Each team suggests letters until one team can identify the vocabulary word.

Steps to Rivet:

  1. Choose 6 to 8 important words from the reading selection.

  2. Draw lines for each letter in the first word. Have students follow along with their own personal white board. For example, _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ .

  3. Fill in the letters to the word one at a time. Encourage students to guess the word at any point. For example,
    v o l _ _ _ _ _ _.

  4. When someone guesses the correct word, have that student help spell it and write the remaining letters on the board. Such as, v o l u n t a r y.

  5. Repeat the above steps for each of the vocabulary words.

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