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The following standards-based lesson plans—from the Beacon Learning Center—provide practical classroom applications of this reading strategy.

  • Watsons Go to Birmingham--1963
    Students use graphic organizers and create timelines to make an historical connection to the 1960s as a prereading activity for "The Watsons Go to Birmingham--1963."

  • Diagramming Annabelle Lee
    Using a Story Diagram Chart and a K-W-L Chart, students examine the parts of the Edgar Allan Poe poem, “Annabelle Lee.”

  • The Water Cycle and Clementine
    After a demonstration and discussion of the water cycle, a water cycle song is learned to the tune of Clementine. Students then draw and label the water cycle in their journals, add vocabulary words to the word wall and complete KWL charts.

  • Zipping Through Our Solar System and Beyond
    A team-structured inside and outside classroom activity incorporating the concepts of scale, and ratios and proportion. Students construct many solar system models to scale and see our solar system as an action location in the vast void of space.

  • What On Earth
    What on earth is earth science? That is what students will discover in this lesson through concept mapping, discussion, and self-discovery.


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