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Fun Sites Just for Kids

The websites below are full of wonderful and exciting reading activities for children of all ages. We highly recommend that parents and children visit these sites together.

  • Stone Soup

    Provides articles written by children that can be read or listened to. Children can submit writing or artwork to be published. Produced by Stone Soup.

  • Time For Kids

    Provides current events, new articles, and a way to visit new places and meet newsmakers. Contains search and homework tools as well as games. Vote on current issues and view poll results. Produces by Time Magazine.

  • Education Place

    Provides free games, activities, and resources for students studying math, reading, social studies, and science. Also provides copies of Houghton Mifflin schoolbooks that can be read online. Produced by Houghton Mifflin.

  • The Case.Com for Kids

    Provides mystery stories for kids to read weekly, problems for them to solve, and writing contests they may enter. Stories may be emailed weekly to your own computer. Produced by

  • Room 108

    Provides an educational activity center for kids. Kids can write and animate their own story, and then read theirs and others online. Contains games, songs, and art, along with pen pals for kids. Produced by John Rickey.


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